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My mother, in her 50s, keeps a lot of vitamins and supplements in her room that I wonder if she can keep track of how she would consume all of these before they expire. To my surprise, she has a well kept schedule and list as to when and how they taken in a day. And after a year of practicing self -nurse, she has already maintained and managed a vigorous and timely take in of them.

Indeed, I honestly think that most of them she’s having are giving her the boost that she need every day. Being a busy woman, and still active for her age, she does have to take dietary supplements to compliment what she eats every day. And I admire her that she still finds time to take in them with a busy routine.

I am 20 but sometimes I feel old. Some experts believe that these people in their 20s are the proper ones to start a regimen that includes taking in nutrition supplements rich in anti-oxidants. And yes, I affirm to that, because I also understand that we don’t grow younger every day. And in a world that we live in today, we can somehow prevent the damaging and direct effects of the sun as well as the polluted air to the wellness of our skin and well- being. Thus, it is imperative for us to have nutrition vitamins that will compliment the food that we eat for a day.

Of course, we should realize that these will not give us the effects that we want right away. We have to work for it. Maintaining a balance diet, regular exercises or body movements, sufficient water therapy, and these products that we buy over the counters or from the internet or direct sellers are just but additional weapons against sickness, diseases and stress. Living each day with them is like having an armory at hand. As the old adage says, prevention is a lot cheaper than cure. Truly it is, I think that while we buy and consume supplement that we order, we may have to pay a sum, but in reality, if we get sickly and unhealthy, the rates are higher over the hospital counters. Thus we may even save for more important reasons on rainy seasons.

Gladly so, I like the fact that my mother also encourages my father to do the same. There’s nothing to lose if we only try, well in fact we can even gain more nutrition. They are apt for the aged, like my parents, but I believe that it is generally for all ages. Nutrition is for everyone, young or old, male or female, rich or poor.

Taking it or two for a day at least knows the fact that while you’ve already eaten, it is sufficient to have something more to boost your energy and strengthen your living cells against unwanted forms of decay or aging.

Now I just realized, and that came from observing my mother, that what we eat is what we really are, and what we take as additional vitamins nutrition supplements are what we become.

Additional Information

With the kind of lifestyle everyone has today, it’s no wonder why people are resorting to shortcuts for even everyday life tasks. One of this is eating. A hectic schedule with numerous things to do will sometimes hinder us to take care of ourselves. This is why there are whole food supplements.

They are a form of nutrition supplements that help make up for the body’s incomplete supply of the needed substances to fuel him every day.  Information and knowledge about them, can lead to a healthier body. There are different kinds. One is the synthetic vitamin type, they are nutrition vitamins made in laboratories and are only suppose to be taken in for an additional supply of the vitamin you’re suppose to have. Synthetic vitamins are actually the least healthy food supplement; this is because they are made in industrial companies thus not having the natural components of the vitamin or mineral.

The next kind, which is a step better than synthetic vitamins, is natural vitamins and nutrition supplements. They are those that are made from fruits and vegetables. They are better sources of minerals and nutrition vitamins because even if they do not contain all the components of that particular nutrition of vegetable or fruit, they are made from the actual vegetable or fruit unlike synthetic vitamins that are industrially made. 5 HTP Supplement Reviews.

The third, which is another upgrade from them, is whole food nutrition supplements. Whole food supplements are vitamins nutrition supplements that are now made from whole food, they are a combination of super foods that have a high source of the vitamin you would need that are put in a pill or tablet. The best part of whole food supplements is that they have all the different types of elements found in nature so that they’re aren’t strip of the components that make the food whole. This makes the body actually digest the food, because it is food and it wouldn’t cause stomach upsets or other side effects that are experienced from synthetic or natural food supplements. A lot of companies distribute whole food supplements because they provide more of the nutrition vitamins that a person needs.

These three are all vitamins nutrition supplements that would help the body to get a sufficient supply of daily nutrition needs. But, the best and still the healthiest source of these vitamins is actual whole food. Whole food such as fruits and vegetables are still the best source of getting the substances that our body needs. And if we are too busy to prepare whole food meals, there are things such as protein shakes made from several fruits packed with protein, C, A, and others. Krill Oil Supplement Reviews. There are also salads , either fruit or vegetable, that are quite easy to prepare and are always present in a whole food diet. So, a person can never really find an excuse to not take care of their bodies, and there are always several methods of keeping your body healthy inside and out.

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